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What Electronic Items Play The Biggest Role In Your Life? (Mum Edition)

What Electronic Items Play The Biggest Role In Your Life? (Mum Edition)

Housewives and fellow working mums,  I understand. Besides going to work, sending our kids to school, to their tuition classes, and to co-curricular activities, we pretty much spend the rest of our time at home cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, and perhaps if we do get the chance, catch some TV time. As mothers, our ‘occupation’ and responsibilities are considered one of the toughest jobs in the world, agreed?

Thankfully, in our world of technology today, we have so many ‘cool’ electronic devices that help all mums ease their burden and to simplify complicated tasks and procedures to get things done. Mums, this list of awesome electronic items is specially made for you and perhaps, you might find some of them useful and may be encouraged to purchase it.

1. Mobile Phone

We currently live in a digital world and so many items and devices are now operated by the astonishing invention of technology. One of the most used and must-have electronic devices is a mobile phone. If you do not own a phone, you might have realised how difficult it is to communicate with others especially since almost everyone owns a phone in the current era. It’s a form of communication nowadays.

With a mobile phone, it’s much more convenient to reach someone no matter how far apart and sending messages are no longer ‘snail’ mails. Mums, I know, sometimes we can get very forgetful. But guess what? With the calendar in our phones, we can also use it to plan our schedule well and to even set reminders to pick our children up, to buy groceries, to remind you about your doctor’s appointment and many more!

2. Hair Curling Iron

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Fashionista mums, this one’s for you. Do you remember how you used to curl your hair back in the day? That’s right, we would use the plastic hair curlers, those that we buy from accessories stores, and some of us even slept with the curlers in our hair until the next morning just because we wanted to have the best volumed curly hair ever. Not only does it take up time, but it can also be quite uncomfortable to sleep with so many curlers in your hair. Now, we have the electronic hair curling iron that helps us curl our hair in just seconds! Getting ready for special occasions, family dinner, and dinner dates take up less time now and the best thing is that, mums, you now get to look fabulous in just a jiffy.

3. Air Fryers

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Air fryers are probably the best invention of the century! Poor mums who’d fry food with the regular wok and get burns from all the oil that were splattered out. Besides, if you are not the best cook, the air fryer is an absolute necessity because this tool is going to play a big role in your life beginning the day you get your hands on it. Apart from all of that, the air fryer is known for frying food without the use of oil, and can even be used to bake cakes. What magic! Not only do you get food cooked without getting yourselves burnt, you also get to eat healthy. Such an amazing combo! 

4. Coffee Maker

If you’re a person who needs coffee every day, or if your spouse needs coffee every morning before they head off to work, a machine to brew your coffee would sound like a great idea to save time. Mums, don’t you feel that time in the morning just passes so quickly? You help kids get ready for school, you make breakfast, you drop the kids off, and there goes your morning. The coffee maker helps you save an extra amount of time, and it also saves money because you wouldn’t need to head out to buy the coffee, where you then have to spend money on the coffee itself and also on petrol!


This device may sound unfamiliar to many of us mums, but it’s about time we make this device known among our community, our country, and eventually, the world

Car theft cases are still a worrisome issue, no matter which country you are in. Housewives and mums who drive cars day in day out, going from one place to another, I am sure you have at least the slightest fear of having your car driven away or even towed without your notice, especially when you drive alone to crowded places. Fear not, TRACK La is no ordinary device. Besides its functions of GPS tracking, it also serves as a ‘vehicle-life saver’! Why it’s described that way is because it has the Anti-Theft Alarm function that enables you to protect your car by setting an Anti-Theft Alarm on the App and get notified instantly if your car happens to be towed or driven away.

Apart from that, as responsible mums, we worry about our kids all the time, especially kids who are old enough to drive and whom we allow them a car.  With the freedom of having their own car, children may rebel and would even insist on going out late at night without their parents’ consent. As worried mums, TRACK La can help us keep track of our loved ones as it is also a GPS tracker and we will be able to know our children’s vehicle’s location in real time, see accurate driving path and speed of the vehicle. 

Car accidents happen every minute of the day and as mums, to lose our beloved children from a car accident is something that we never ever want to experience. With the TRACK La device plugged into our vehicles and connected to an App, the platform also displays an accurate Driving Behaviour Analysis to rash driving behaviour, harsh braking, speeding, and a playback is also accessible for review of our trips. This way, we can review our child’s driving behaviour and to help our kids improve to become a better driver each day – bringing the risk of getting into car accidents to a bare minimum. 

What electronic devices play a big role in your life today? Start identifying them, and make sure you get what you need to avoid any inconvenience, hassle, and even misfortune.

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