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Car OEMs’ Suppliers

1) Better aftermarket support to customers

2) Data and insights regarding car performance

Dealers or Buy-Sell Platforms

1) Better used car valuation

2) Cross sell car servicing and insurance

Car Insurance Company

1) Usage based insurance

2) Reward safe drivers with lower insurance premium

Car Rentals and Fleets

1) Monitoring assets & driving behaviour

2) Improve operational efficiency, cost savings.

Car Servicing& Maintenance

1) Car servicing offers based on car condition, car location and driving pattern.

2) Reminder for service maintenance


Data Pooling for Better Insights

Pools data from all of its users to deliver insights. Have access to these insights from Day 1.


Better Insights

Real time querying and historical data analytics for the insights that you need.


Faster Time to Market

Build on our platform to bring your connected car product to market faster. Launch your product in less than 4 weeks.


Scales with your business

Start small. Scale fast with our Platform-as-a-Service model that allows you to pay as you grow.


Customized for your business

Supports third party devices, customized analytics views, Secure API access, white-labeled Apps with international language support.


Secure and Robust

Superior Platform security. Self-healing and auto-scaling infrastructure.


Fully managed, End to End

We manage everything from Telematics devices to End User Apps. Runtime support, Cloud Infrastructure, Upgrades, Analytics reports.


End user friendly

Consumer centric, end-use Apps for Android, iOS and web with private label options.

Analytics Dashboards for Insurers

TRACK La cloud based customizable dashboards and analytical reports for Insurers enable underwriting and information management teams to easily visualize aggregated data to decipher trends and segment customers based on their risk profile.

Car Inspection Report for buy-sell car platform

By using our device and platform, you’re able to receive the full car health condition report within less than 10 minutes. Talk to us now if you need customize solution.

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