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Improving Driving Behavior With Telematics

Improving Driving Behavior With Telematics

Road accidents are considered to be a major contribution to the statistics on causes of death in Malaysia. A shocking statistic supports the statement; with a solid 23.6 per 100,000 population estimated road traffic death rate according to World Health Organization.

The reasons for road accidents are innumerable. To identify the cause of the tragedy we are facing here, it is first we recognize that it is perhaps our behavior that has contributed to road tragedies. Therefore, we must not hesitate, and we have to do something about it today.

If you are always on the road, you might have noticed that many drivers have nearly similar driving habits. This does not mean that we are all normal and equal, this means that we are all going down the dangerous path together, unknowingly.

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

1. Drink Driving

We go for wedding dinners, a party, some drinks with our friends, and the next thing we know, we are tipsy and starting to feel light-headed. Should you even feel the slightest state of confusion, dizziness, or nausea, you SHOULD NOT be driving at all. Make sure that you have someone to give you a ride home or have any other kind of transport but driving by yourself. Never risk your life for one-time fun, as this one time may ruin your entire life.

2. Overspeeding

The deadliest factor as to why road accidents happen. Everytime you wish to speed, just remember that no matter how fast you go, there is no prize to be received upon reaching that destination and that place will absolutely not ‘run away’. The location is situated and glued, and not going anywhere. So the question is, why speed? If you have to get to that location at a certain time, leave the house early! Calculate your travel time beforehand and make sure that you give yourself ample or even better, extra time to get to your destination, and always include potential traffic congestion time.

3. Use Of Mobile Phones While Driving

Keep your hands off the phone and keep your hands on the wheel! Just having your eyes off the wheel for one (1) second may cost you your life. Think about it, is it worth it to lose your life for that one text that perhaps was not even that important? Of course not! Treasure your lives; pay full attention to the road when you are driving.

4. Driving Fatigue

Many of us who are either students or working adults understand the pain of having to drive after a long day at college and at work. But we have to know the consequences of driving out of tiredness. Not only does it bring danger to ourselves, we also endanger others who are on the road. Stop and take a nap if you have to, even if it’s a power nap, and then continue driving.

5. Overlooking An Unmaintained Vehicle

It’s easy to look pass an unmaintained vehicle simply because busyness occupies. Driving an unmaintained vehicle brings the likelihood of an unplanned vehicle downtime. When that happens, not only extra cost is needed, time and efficiency is also affected, and accidents too can happen. In this case, preventive maintenance is strongly encouraged to avoid any unnecessary hassle or even misfortune.

The Role Of Telematics In The Reduction Of Road Accidents

TRACK La had accommodated the telematics technology and had embarked on the journey to reducing road accidents. The process is easy – the TRACK La device is plugged into our vehicles and connected to an App, and the platform displays an accurate Driving Behavior Analysis to rash driving behavior, harsh braking, speeding, and a playback is also accessible for review of our trips.

With the driving behaviour analytics and record, road accidents will evidently reduce as fleet operators and even drivers can now review their trip statistics and weekly charts and constantly improve to become a better driver each day. The platform displays the most informative information from vehicle locations, to idle and inactive time, rash driving and accelerating, vehicle driving speed, and vehicle’s health condition. This also allows fleet managers to identify risky-drivers and to ensure full-equipped training before driving any vehicle.

TRACK La also provides a Car Health Report to keep track of vehicle’s maintenance needs including battery, coolant, and engine diagnostics trouble codes. Many are unaware of the importance of having a good vehicle health condition before heading the road and accidents could happen due to this negligence – a faulty vehicle contributes heavily to unwanted accidents.

Moving Forward

The future of telematics technology is bright. We are stepping into a new world full of expectations and surprises, where the future innovations like traffic prediction, performance benchmarking, and many more will rise up by the power of telematics. The best has yet to come.

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