GPS Car Tracker

RM799.00 RM459.00

or 3 payments of RM153.00 with

Plug & Play OBD Device.

Simply plug your TRACK La OBD Device into your car, and then you’re able to see live location of your vehicle! Keep track of your loved ones and get notification when they have arrived their destination!

Price Inclusive of: 

  • Real-time tracking service
  • 1 year SIM card including data
  • Free product shipping to any location in Malaysia
  • Free iOS and Android app
  • 1 year warranty for device

Renewal Fee:

  • RM 199 per year
  • Only pay for the second year onwards


Vehicle Tracking, Location Notifications, Driving Behavior, Car Health and Anti-theft features. Compatible with wide range of vehicles
How it works
Simply plug the TRACK La Device into the OBDII port of your car. Device has in-built GPS, GPRS and Accelerometer. Device sends car location and condition data to TRACK La Cloud via GPRS network. View your car data and insights from TRACK La Mobile App on your mobile.
Mobile App
TRACK La Mobile App available for Android (on Google PlayStore) or iOS (on Apple AppStore).
One year of subscription included (GPRS data transfer from device, Mobile App login). Subscription Fee of RM 199 from second year onwards.
1 Year Device Warranty.


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