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Top 5 Life-Saving Car Accessories

Top 5 Life-Saving Car Accessories

Very sure most of us love our cars like a precious ruby. We take care of our cars as if we are taking care of a baby, and we would put in a hundred percent effort to make sure our precious cars are in the best condition and ‘live’ to its fullest function. If you are a car enthusiast and if you are obsessed with car gadgets, you might have realised how much you have been spending on car accessories just to make your car look like the coolest vehicle on the road!

Then you tend to settle and think: How many of these car accessories that I have purchased are actually what I need and not just for decoration sake?  How do these accessories bring benefits to me and how do they play a role in making my daily drives more trouble-free? 

If you haven’t had it sorted out yet, here are some of the car accessories suggestions you might want to consider the next time you wish to add something to your car accessories purchase list! 

1. Car Organizer

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Especially if you are a person who keeps almost everything in the car, or if your vehicle is a family car loaded with too many kids’ toys and essentials, you might have realised how messy and chaotic the car could get. With a suitable car organizer, your items will be much organized and tidy, and you will find that it is now easier to search and reach out to grab something you need without struggling ever again. 

2. Car Phone Mount/Holder

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If you are a frequent traveller and if you are bad with directions, you might find yourself using the Map app on your phones a lot while trying to have the other hand on the wheel. This is dead dangerous and many accidents happen because of the distraction from using mobile phones while driving. Therefore, a phone mount or holder would be the best solution to make sure we all remain as safe drivers

The benefits of a car phone mount/holder:

i) GPS navigation made easy. As mentioned above, for those of us who require a GPS whenever we drive, it can get quite dangerous if we continuously have our eyes on the phone while holding it and then try to divert our attention back on the road. Remember, it only takes a second for an accident to happen. Set the GPS to your destination, place it on the phone mount, then you are good to go and ready to get to your desired destination safely.

ii) Perhaps you are a busy business person that you constantly need to attend to calls almost every minute of the day, including during your driving time. A phone mount would help you attend to your calls much conveniently and to ensure you keep your eyes on the road at the same time. 

iii) Music lovers! This is the best tool for you if you enjoy listening to music while driving. Instead of having to keep one hand constantly scrolling through to your favourite playlist, have it mounted and then enjoy your drive with awesome music.

3. Car Jack/Emergency Car Kit

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Car breakdowns are inevitable and bound to happen. Though we think that our cars are in the best conditions, it is best to be prepared with the necessary tools to ensure that we can handle basic car repairs if our vehicles happen to breakdown on the side of a highway. A car jack is necessary in case our tyre goes flat in the middle of our journey and needs a replacement. Along with the car jack, we should also have an emergency car tool kit ready. According to an article,  a basic car tool kit should have:

  • Screwdrivers 
  • Assorted Hex Keys 
  • A Basic Socket Set 
  • Adjustable and Locking Pliers 
  • Wire Cutters/Cutting Pliers
  • Ratchet Straps 
  • Tire Gauge
  • Zip Ties and Duct Tape

Check and prepare all the necessary tools for your car today!

4. USB Car Charger

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With long hour drives and constant use of the GPS, your mobile phones can unquestionably drain a lot of battery and might possibly run flat even before you reach your destination. To keep a charger in the car helps just in case your battery dies and you end up losing your way and stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Before you purchase a USB Car Charger, here are a few things you should consider:

i) Know what kind of devices you wish to charge with the car charger

ii) Be aware of the Amp Output of the charger

iii) Check the number of ports the charger provides 

iv) Make sure it is safe for car use


TRACK La functions through the system of Telematics and plays a big role in fleet management and vehicle tracking. Many may wonder if Telematics only helps for fleet management, but oftentimes overlook that it could be used for our own personal benefit too.

All it requires is to have the TRACK La device plugged into your vehicle through an OBDII port (On Board Diagnostic Port) with no wiring needed and connected to the TRACK La App, and you will have access to features like Real-Time Tracking, Car Health Report, Driving Behaviour Analysis, and even an Anti-Theft Alarm set up.

Not only does it provide amazing features, it also helps your vehicle monitor fuel consumption and mileage, provides accurate data showing vehicle locations, idle and inactive time, rash driving and accelerating, and vehicle driving speed – making it an all in one and out of the ordinary car accessory.

Feel like you need this device? Feel like it is suitable for you? Find out more about it HERE

Let us consider important and life-saving car accessories today. Wait no more! Take the necessary precautions and be prepared before it is too late. 

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