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Ways To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

Ways To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen

Driving and travelling from destination to destination is part of our routine every day. With all the long distance travelling, by the time we get to our destination, we are completely worn out, and perhaps we couldn’t care less about where and how our vehicle is parked, whether it is safe, whether we have locked our cars, and so on. We just want to get there, get down the car, and get a move on.

When this carelessness and negligence behavior is present, it makes it even easier and creates an opportunity for car-thieves who have been eavesdropping and targeting our vehicles to steal our car. It is time we be more cautious and to pay attention to these details to avoid it from happening before it’s too late.

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Always Make It A Habit To Lock Your Car. Even in the safest car park, in the safest neighbourhood, or in the place you believe that car-theft is less likely to happen, just lock your car! Remember, it is just a click of a button that saves you from all the hassles a stolen and lost vehicle could bring.

Do Not Leave Your Valuables In The Car. As tempting as it may be, we should never consider leaving our laptops, mobile phones, tablets, jewelry, or even money in the car, just because we feel that it is too troublesome to carry it around, or it being too heavy that we give ourselves the excuse that it is not necessary to bring it down from the car. Get rid of this habit today. Better to carry your precious around than to cry over spilled milk later.

Never Leave Your Car Engine On Without Anyone Being In It. Many of us can relate to this: We double-park in front of another vehicle to quickly go and get what we need and thinking it is all right to keep the engine on. “It’s only for a short while! There’s no need to turn off the engine” – this is something common that we hear all the time. The truth is, it only takes a split-second for someone to drive your car away. You turn away for a second and the next thing you know, your car has been driven off. No matter long or short while, always turn off the engine and lock your car! Think about it, turning off the engines saves the earth too!

Always Park At Safe Areas Or A Proper Parking Space. Ladies especially, if you are at a mall, try to park as close to the mall entrance/escalator/elevator as possible and somewhere that a security guard is present. Never try to park in an illegal space with the assumption that car-thieves will not ‘notice’ this space. More often than not, these are the areas that car-thieves eye on the most.

Use TRACK La Anti-Theft Alarm. At TRACK La, one of our highest concerns is our customers’ safety. With the TRACK La device plugged into your vehicle and connected to a mobile app, you will be able to set up an alarm that notifies you in case your car is started or towed away. Not only does the device have an anti-theft alarm feature, it also has many other benefits attached to it. Click HERE to find out more. 

Car-theft cases are still present whether we want to be aware of it or not. Take a step and take the initiative to minimize the likelihood of a stolen car today – all it takes is a little more intentionality. Be safe and be vigilant.

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