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Why Telematics Play A Big Role In Our Lives

Why Telematics Play A Big Role In Our Lives

Are you tired of having your cars breaking down in the middle of the highway because you hadn’t noticed the bad condition of your vehicle? Or have you realised that your vehicle is using up so much fuel and you’ve been spending way too much on petrol? Or is it careless and reckless driving behaviors that has caused so much inconvenience? Or is it just fleet management that’s making your head spin?

This article will share with you, the solution to all the problems stated above! Do you believe that all of the above problems can be eliminated instantaneously with the help of Telematics?

But Wait, What Exactly Is Telematics?

Telematics is an amazing invention and one that plays a big role in our current technological era. With the telematics system, we are now able to install a tracking device in our vehicles that provides us with telematics data showing vehicle locations, your driving speed, idle and inactive time, rash driving and accelerating, sudden breaking, vehicle’s health condition and many other features.

Today, telematics are majorly used in fleet management. With this system, fleet management is made easier and fleet managers no longer have to suffer the challenges of managing a fleet ever again.

TRACK La A Vehicle Data Analytics Platform has got all the above features that will certainly benefit the most of us, especially those in the Automotive, Mobility, and Car Insurance and Logistics domain.

What Telematics Can Do

1. Real Time Car/Vehicle Tracking

With a fleet to manage, it can be difficult to track so many vehicles at once. Especially for logistics companies with so many vehicles going around the country, to have control of all these vehicles at once may sound completely impossible. However, with telematics data, fleet managers are now able to track all these vehicles at the same time even though they are dispersed and scattered all around the country and to make sure all assets are fully made use of.

Through this system, fleet managers can also track all vehicles’ location in real time and can even see the accurate driving path and speed of the vehicle. This is effective as you want to ensure all your vehicles carrying the goods of your company goes directly to the delivering address and your destination without making unnecessary trips.

2. Saving Fuel, Saving Earth

Continuing from the point above, when we make unnecessary trips and turns, we waste that extra fuel, and when we waste that extra fuel, we allegedly waste our money. With telematics, not only can you avoid that, but you will be able to identify areas that cause the consumption of fuel, for example, car idling, fuel mileage and so on. With thorough identification and analysis, you will find yourself saving up so much more in no time.

3. Better Safe Than Sorry

Car accidents happen so often nowadays. Especially with a fleet and having so many vehicles going around at the same time, we need to do something about managing them and putting risks to a minimum. Telematics provides an accurate Driving Behavior Analysis to rash driving behavior, harsh braking, speeding, and all the other reckless driving behaviors. Drivers can then review their trip statistics and weekly charts and constantly improve to become a better driver each day. With this being monitored, risky drivers and poor driving behaviors will be improved and hence, resulting in less accident reports.

4. Don't Wait Till The Last Minute

Sometimes, because we’re all too busy, we tend to overlook the importance of our vehicle’s maintenance. When we neglect this important factor, we then realise how frequent our vehicle is prone to breakdowns and dysfunction. Telematics allows us to view our car/vehicle health report and to keep track of our vehicle’s maintenance needs including battery, coolant and engine diagnostics trouble codes. This is not only beneficial for ourselves, but it is also beneficial for companies who need support in fleet management. With so many vehicles going around, you never know which vehicle may be faulty and if it so happenly breaks down at that very urgent time where you need to get your supplies or goods across, time may be wasted there because of the delay from the breakdown. Hence, to speed up that process, the report helps us to identify these car health issues even before it happens. To prevent is better than cure.

5. Eavesdropping At Its Best

How amazing is it that you can actually have so many features to benefit from just by this one small device? Besides all the features mentioned above, even an Anti-Theft Alarm is made accessible to us. Car theft is still a common devastation we face today, and I am sure all of us cannot imagine the frustration of having to deal with a lost or stolen vehicle. TRACK La allows you to set up an alarm to notify you in case your vehicle is started or towed during the alarm period. Protect your car by setting an Anti-Theft Alarm on the App and get notified if your car is driven within that time frame.

Telematics may not be known to many of us yet. However, it is time we open up our eyes to the world of telematics and explore all the advantages and benefits that come with it. We foresee a better future, and we want all to experience it.

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